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Lumber & Building Materials

Quality lumber and reliable building products create the foundation of a beautiful, durable home that will stand the test of time. At Fox Lumber, we're proud to carry the best lumber and building materials that will meet even the most stringent demands and the most intricate architectural styles.

Dimension Lumber

Dimensional Lumber KD Doug Fir

From framing to trusses to concrete forms, dimensional lumber is used in a wide variety of applications throughout the building process. From standard two-by-fours to four-by-sixes and beyond, we carry the best wood species so you can depend on our lumber for your next building project.

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Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated Lumber

We carry an extensive line of treated southern yellow pine. This includes dimensions such as 2×4-2×12, 8-20 foot and a large selection of 4×4, 4×6, and 6×6’s. All of our wood is treated with mold inhibitors as well as preservative. We also provide wood that is dried after treatment via two propane powered dry kilns. All dried-after-treatment material is covered with a weather-resistant wrapping.

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Hardwoods & Exotic Woods

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Whether it's used for flooring support or fine cabinetry (and everywhere in between), plywood is a necessary building component both aesthetically and functionally. When you choose Fox Lumber you are getting high-performance plywood in species that are beautiful and builder-friendly.

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If your walls could talk, they would thank you for using the best drywall products and accessories found at Fox Lumber. Installing drywall is an artform, and we've got all the tools, supplies and products you need to create walls that will withstand the daily demands of your homeowners.

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Brick by brick, we've built a solid reputation for supplying builders and homeowners with premium materials to create a stunning stone, brick, or cement feature within your project. Whatever your project requires, we've got the products you need to deliver a flawless first impression.

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Johns Manville Insulation


Your hard work requires the highest level of protection, which means you can only choose the best in interior and exterior insulation. We value innovations in performance and materials which means we give you the latest and greatest products that will stand up to harsh elements, noise and anything you throw at it.

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Anthony Forest

Engineered Lumber

After undergoing a vigorous fabrication process, our engineered lumber is made for durability, meaning that it won't crack, shrink, warp or bend over time. So the way you build it is the way it will continue to look year after year.

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Ashton Lewis Currituck Classic


Your flooring sees a huge amount of activity on a daily basis. With flooring from the top manufacturers, you can be confident that your flooring from Fox Lumber will be have long-lasting durability, a high-end finish, and an extremely professional appearance. Our flooring offering includes Southern Yellow Pine Flooring from Ashton-Lewis, Doug Fir Flooring from Sierra Pacific, and Red Balau/Batu from Nova.

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